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[testimonial1 author=”Sylviane Nuccio”]

“Donna Merrill is an excellent blogger who has very faithful followers who listen to her advice. She sure can teach people about blogging, sharing and building online relationships. I am very glad to have met her.”

[testimonial1 author=”Harleena Singh”]

“Donna is an amazing blogger, Life Coach, and a Social Media expert. She helps people grow and develop their skills, accomplish their goals, and live their dreams. Donna is the right person to guide you through it all.

Being an honest, empathetic, and professional person, Donna improves the lives of those she comes across, and is always ready to go the extra mile to help others…”


[testimonial1 author=”William A. Butler”]

Donna Merrill adds tremendous value to the blogosphere with her keen insights into personal development and online marketing strategies…”


[testimonial1 author=”Rachel Lavern”]

“I initially met Donna when I joined a blog syndication group as a newbie.  She played a pivotal role in my development as a blogger.

Implementing Donna’s blogging and social media tips helped me establish a presence for my business online, and gain much needed knowledge.

Her expertise and support helps bloggers to launch a strong blog and social media platform that allows them to be discovered …”



[testimonial1 author=”Adrienne Smith”]

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people during my blogging adventures and I was thrilled when I was introduced to Donna.

I soon learned that she is an expert in social media so it was great to know someone with her knowledge.

Donna loves helping people and especially the new bloggers.

Donna goes above and beyond… which is why I’m honored to not only know her as a blogger but I definitely think of her as a friend.”


[testimonial1 author=”Nate Leung”]

“I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to get to know and learn from Donna Merrill. She is one of the most genuine, honest, and trust worthy professionals you will ever meet.

She’s very detail oriented and knows exactly what her clients’ needs and wants are.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, I would highly recommend working with Donna, you will not regret it! …”


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[headline_arial_extra_large_centered color=”#990012″]Here’s What You Get…[/headline_arial_extra_large_centered]

[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]The Main Course…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Nearly 7 Hours of Video Tutorials Contained Within The Following 6 Training Modules


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 1…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • How To Build Your Own Blog
  • How To Get A Free Blog

  • Done For You – Free Affiliate BlogsYou get access to this special site where you can build your own Free Affiliate Blogs, anytime you want.
  • See How To Create Special Web Pages You’ll Need To Run Your Business…Get the “easy way out” for building professional Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages and more with some dream technology that makes this a breeze
  • Find People To Do All The Tech Work For YouLearn our favorite places to go to find people that can do all the tech work for you… all of it!


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 2…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Build An Irresistible Personal Brand
    How to create a “personal brand” that will attract prospects and customers to you.  Forget chasing them, let them chase you!  And they will when you develop an irresistible personal brand.
  • Create An Enduring Blog
    How to build a blog that endures for the long haul, even if you change your primary business, your MLM company or almost anything else.  Learn to build this special type of blog and it won’t matter what changes you or your company go through.  Your devoted followers will still be with you.
  • Get The Right Domain Name
    Learn the specific kind of domain name you need that is way better than the ones you’re probably already thinking of.  With this kind of domain name, you’ll brand yourself as a leader almost instantly.
  • Learn The Quick Way To Build Trust In Yourself
    We’ll show you how to position yourself as a leader in your company, the person who can build teams and downlines almost effortlessly.  Other folks in your company will wonder how you do it.
  • Craft An Irresistible Offer
    Get our proven method for crafting an Irresistible Offer to make folks BEG to be on your LIST.
  • How To Build An Email LIST Of Your Dedicated Followers
  • Find The Secret For Getting Your Emails Opened
    Here’s How to make people Want to OPEN your emails…  if you don’t do this right, you could end up with tons of people on your email list that never open your emails.  That would be a disaster!
  • Get Conversion Rates Through The Roof
    How to convert readers of your blog into Prospects, Buyers, Clients, JV Partners, downlines on your business team… whatever you want!  People who don’t know this method, spin their wheels trying in vain to build a real online business.  That’s why we made sure to include it here.
  • Create Your Own Newsletter
    How and Why to build your own private Newsletter offer… and the reasons people will want it!
  • Employ The Ultimate Leverage: A Sidebar Optin
    How to use a Sidebar optin can your blog to turn it into a listbuilding machine.
  • Unleash The Devastating Power of CTA’s (Calls To Action)
    Why and How you MUST use CTA’s on your blog. Get people to take any key action you want them to (sign up, buy, join, etc.)
  • Harness The Lure Of The Mighty Little “Popup”
    Discover how “popups” can drastically increase your optin rates… which is WHY you blog to begin with!  Discover the right way to use them… and how to avoid overusing them.  Get it wrong and you could be repelling readers from your blog, instead of attracting them to it.
  • Putting A Market Profile To Work For You
    How and why you need to create a market profile before you even buy your first domain name!  If you don’t do this, you just might have to take your whole blog down when you realize what you’ve done (or, more accurately… “not done”).


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 3…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • How To Choose The Right Niche
    This is not nearly as easy as it sounds, but we’ll give you some tips to keep you on the right track with this.
  • The Trick For Finding A “Profitable” Niche
    We hook you up with some of the best market researchers in the world to help you get this done right… and it’s absolutely Free!  One of the main reasons so many blogs go bust is that they skip this step!
  • The Most Under-Rated Blogging Essential
    We show you why it’s not just that you CAN… but that you MUST blog about things that you really enjoy and have fun with. Don’t even think of blogging about something unless you really love it!  We’ll show you how to get this right.
  • Learn How To Put Content On Your Blog… “Killer Content”
    If you don’t follow these steps carefully, you might find that visitors to your blog click away from it almost immediately.
  • Discover a Neat Trick For Having Content Written For You
    We walk you through the step by step process of using content that others write, but you can ethically claim authorship of.  Save hours of laboring to develop content.  Why reinvent the wheel?
  • More Pro-Secrets for Writing Top Notch Blog Posts
    Find out how to locate and use Free material readily available to shape your own content.  This will save you a ton of time, and make your blog posts stand out for their high professional quality.
  • Get Your Hands On Our Patented “Ninja System” For Writing High Authority Blog Posts
    This will save you tons of precious time that top bloggers take to write excellent, high authority blog posts like these… even when you know next to NOTHING about the topic.  Professional writers have thanked us for showing them this system.
  • Grab Authority Leverage
    Learn how to write blog posts so that your Leadership and Authority virtually leap off the page!
  • Score Big With Our Content Curation Method
    “Curating” content is one of the best ways to format blog posts.  Most people don’t really know how to do this, though.  We’ll make sure you do.

You’ll Also Learn…

  • Community Engagement
    How to build highly profitable relationships with other authority bloggers.
  • Attention-grabbing Technologies
    How to hold your readers’ attention, and gain their trust with infographics, podcasts, videos and other content.  HINT: You can use this method even if you don’t begin to know how to produce infographics, podcasts, videos!
  • Authority Network Building
    Learn to build an “authority network” by applying the same techniques that big media stars (like Oprah) use.  Want to see your blog go viral?  Doing this one little thing can blast your blog into the stratosphere!  And the best part… No special skills required.

[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 4…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Chase Away “The Ghost Town Blues”
    Learn proven methods bloggers use successfully all the time to chase away “The Ghost Town Blues”… that’s what we call a blog that has no visitors, readers, commenters, or optins.
  • Discover The Power of Blogging Communities
    Blogging Communities, syndicates, tribes, alliances and co-operatives.  No need to be the “Lone Ranger” out there… there’s many bloggers that hang out together and help each other get readers and engagement.
    Learn where these blogging communities are, and what you have to do to get in and stay in.  If you don’t follow our advice on this, you run the risk of getting banned from these power-communities.
  • Get Instant, Automated Engagement
    One of our favorite tips: How to use this little piece of automation to make people WANT to comment and engage on your blog.  When other visitors see this going on, your blog posts can go viral very quickly.
  • Develop A DMO That Will Put You Ahead Of 97% of Your Competition
    Learn to organize your blogging into a step-by-step Daily Method of Operation: when to blog, how often, how long should your posts be, developing themes to your blog posts, writing about trending topics so your audience is virtually waiting hanging on your next word… we cover so many aspects to blogging that we just can’t include everything i this little checklist.
  • Dazzle Your Readers With Style
    How to write a variation of blog posts guaranteed to keep your readers intrigued.  We go over a list of methods here, and of course, how to write them!
  • Steal Your Traffic Technique
    You’ll learn our ethical (and highly effective) method for “stealing” traffic from some of the top bloggers in the world… and why they’ll thank you for it!
  • Buzz Your Blog
    How to make Google do a double-take when they see the activity level surrounding your blog!  Once Google decides you’re cool, you could be in for a serious spike in the traffic coming to your site.  We’ll show you exactly how you can make that happen by following this simple routine 2 to 5 times a week (Note: your time investment for this technique is probably something like 15 minutes a day…)
  • How To Harness the Power of “Syndication”
    The folks you help a little, can help make your blog a household name within your niche.
  • Command An Army of Assistants Without Spending A Dime
    Get our “secret system” for spending less than an hour a day to build an army of support, quality backlinks and tons of traffic.
  • Discover the Power and Profits Behind Metrics
    Learn how simple blogging “metrics” can be.  Statistical analysis is essential to master so you know what’s going on with your blog, and also, the specific areas where your blog can be improved.  We make it easy here, and point you in the direction of simple tools that can help you.
  • Our SEO Methodology
    Get some of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics down, so you can start positioning your blog posts to be noticed by Google and other search engines.  Remember, we don’t suggest you write your articles for Google, but you need to optimize them to give them a fair chance of ranking high in the search engine results.


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 5…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Unleash The Power of Social Media
    We’ll show you how to use Social Media sites to attract folks to your blog all day long.  This is the best free traffic source you can fine. We’ll give you the methods we employ to use Social Media most effectively.
  • Get our Facebook Secrets
    Why the numbers of Facebook friends are not nearly as important as the quality.
  • Utilize the Full Scope of Social Media Sites
    We show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and other major Social Media sites to find exactly the right people to build relationships with.
  • Cash In With Our Social Media Conversion Method
    Once you build friendships with people, how do you get them to subscribe to your email list, and buy your products and services?  We answer that important question, too.
  • Listbuilding on Social Media Sites
    Having lots of friends and followers on Social Media sites means nothing.  We show you how to use Social Media to build your subscriber and customer lists, not just engage all day in useless chatter.
  • How to Promote Your Blog On Social Media Sites
    We show you how to get your blog guests to share your articles on their Social Media sites.  If you skip this important training, you are leaving serious money on the table.
  • How To Get Your Readers To Promote Your Blog
    We show you exactly how to set up your blog so that visitors will share your posts as they read them
  • Unleash The Power of Facebook
    How to use Facebook profiles, fan pages, and groups to build your business and drive tons of folks back to your blog.  We show you how to post, share and socialize Facebook. Do it right and you can build incredible social proof for you and your blog.
  • Our Devastatingly Powerful Piggy Back Traffic Method
    Learn to piggy back onto trending topics and other videos to drive hordes of people back to your blog.
  • Learn This Important Youtube Trick
    We’ll show you a method for using Youtube videos to get Google to rank your posts higher.
  • Learn the Google+ Advantage
    Many of top bloggers don’t really know how to use Google+ and Google+ Hangouts to build viral buzz back to their  blogs. This little gem, alone, is easily worth the price of this course.
  • Team Building With Google+
    Learn why Google+ is great for building business teams.
  • Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral with Twitter
    Twitter may be the most viral platform of all the Social Media sites.  Find out how you can use it to give your blog top billing.
  • Learn How To Build Viral Tweets
    You can do this with lighting speed, regardless of how many followers you have.  Get the “secret sauce” on how to get other Twitter users to gladly help you do this.


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Module 6…[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Visit our “dream site” where everything you need to blog is already in place.  You can start blogging here after five minutes of setup.
  • Get your Hosting, Domains, Email auto-responder, private Video Conferencing room, your Blog and more… all in one easy place.
  • It took years to compile our private Rolodex “list of contacts” … You get it all here, as a valuable part of “Blogging Magic.”

[headline_arial_extra_large_centered color=”#990012″]Plus These Bonuses…[/headline_arial_extra_large_centered]
[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Bonus #1[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Our Private Rolodex Resources

    Knowing where to turn, and who to turn to for services and assistance in your business is like having gold stashed away in your private safe.

    Over the years, we have compiled a list of resources that have helped us build our online business.  Having our “Private Rolodex” at your disposal can save you hours and hours of research and, countless dollars spent on software, services and systems that don’t live up to their promises.If you don’t know precisely where to invest your money, you could put your business in serious jeopardy before it ever gets off the ground.

    Our Private Rolodex is a compilation of the resources we use, and we think you should, too.

    PLUS, we will support your use of these resources with trainings and tutorials, and in our dedicated Facebook group. [content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Value $97[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_paper_white][/red_tick_list][/order_box_3]


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Bonus #2[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]


  • Access To Our Private Facebook Group Access

    Nobody wants to play the part of a “lone ranger” when they’re trying to build a business online.The truth is, you’re more likely to have greater success and to get it much faster when you have a “team” working alongside you.

    We have created a private Facebook group where bloggers and internet marketers like you, can get together, mastermind ideas and strategies, share what’s working right now, and what’s not for them.

    The value of being included in an elite, professional group like this is simply beyond comparison.
    When you purchase “Blogging Magic”, you will immediately be invited to join our exclusive mastermind Facebook Group.

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Value $297[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_paper_white][/red_tick_list][/order_box_3]


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Bonus #3[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Complimentary One-on-One Consultation

    You don’t see bonus offers like this everyday.  In fact, you’ve probably never seen this, and may never again.When you buy “Blogging Magic” magic, you don’t just get a course and a training.  You also get this incredible bonus of a one-on-one, completely individualized consultation with us.

    During this consultation, we will help you figure out the best way for YOU to go about creating a successful blog and online business.

    We start with where you’re at now, and what your goals are for an online business.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie who doesn’t even know where to begin, or an accomplished pro looking to get to the next level.  No matter where you’re at now, we will craft your individualized consultation to help map out the best way for you to get to where you want to be.

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Value $497[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_paper_white][/red_tick_list][/order_box_3]


[order_box_3 width=”90%” + border=”4px”][text_bar_1_left background=”#990012″ + width=”20%”]Bonus #4[/text_bar_1_left][red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Free Admission To Our “Kickoff Webinar”

    “Blogging Magic” is so much more than just a blogging course.  It’s our commitment to your professional growth online.

    With your purchase of “Blogging Magic”, you will be given admission to our very popular “Kickoff Webinar”.This webinar is designed to be a great overview of all of the ways you can reach the success you desire, by making the best use of all the very many resources that are built into the “Blogging Magic” membership site.  It will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have, and have them answered.

    Our intention, is for the “Kickoff Webinar” to put you on a fast track to success, so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels, just trying to figure out what to do next.

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Value $37[/headline_arial_medium_centered][/content_box_paper_white][/red_tick_list][/order_box_3]

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”][black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • [headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Bonus 1: Value $  97[/headline_arial_small_left]
  • [headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Bonus 1: Value $297[/headline_arial_small_left]
  • [headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Bonus 1: Value $497[/headline_arial_small_left]
  • [headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Bonus 1: Value $  37[/headline_arial_small_left]
[/black_tick_list][headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Total Value of Bonuses…  $928








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