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Hotline VIP – NO

  • Visit us on our Skype Hotline
    Our Skype Name: WhirlwindSuccessHotline
  • Request that we add you as a contact… be sure to mention that you are a VIP CLUB member in that request. (People can access us on the Hotline at different levels.  So make sure you alert us to enter you at the VIP CLUB level).
  • Simply start a chat anytime you need us.  If we're available at the moment, we'll be happy to jump on.  If we're not, we can figure out a time that works for both of us.  This Hotline is very active, but we'll make sure you get VIP CLUB level priority treatment!

[content_box_light_blue]This is where you can get access to us when you need some "Extra Help"… The idea is to keep moving forward.  How many times have you been "stopped" in your progress because you didn't know one simple little thing.  You had to stop, do a million Google searches, and when that didn't work… you bought a course or two you thought might help, but it only took you off into a whole new direction.

STOP… don't waste time and get side-tracked.  Stay focused.  Bring those nagging little problems to the Skype Hotline so we can keep you working toward your goals.


You can also contact us for help, anytime, by emailing us:
[email protected]

So you don't miss our response to your email requests:

  • Whitelist our email address
  • Watch for our Email sender tag:  -Donna and David-

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