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Blogging Magic – Mod.1b

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Click the video play button, and allow a few seconds for it to upload.

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  • Optimize Press
    If you’re going to create your own web pages and sites, this is absolutely the best thing you can get.  It can be used as a theme for your blog, or just as a plugin on it to create killer Squeeze Pages to get people to Subscribe to your email newsletter.
  • Fiverr
    Hire folks to help you at just $5 per job (Fiverr calls them “gigs”)
  • Elance
    Another place to hire someone to create or fixing your web pages.
  • Odesk
    One more place you can go to hire people to help you with any technical work you might need for your blog.
  • 99 Designs
    If you’d prefer to just pay a company to do the entire blog for you, check out 99 Designs.
  • Pure Leverage
    Here’s a great place to go to have your entire blog done for you in minutes. Plus, it even includes an entire suite of tools you’ll need in order to put all the pieces together for a vibrant and profitable blog and internet business.  Best of all, it’s all done for you.  Nothing else to buy once you join Pure Leverage.
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Donna & David Merrill

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