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Hotline VIP Site ONLY

Our Email Address that you will want to Whitelist is:
[email protected]

Our Emails bear this sender tag:  -Donna and David-

Here is how to whitelist on some of the most popular email services.  Contact us if you need help with this.

1. Open an email from the sender that you want to whitelist.
2. Click on the tiny drop-down triangle/arrow next to “reply.”
3. Click Add to contacts list and you're done.

Yahoo! Mail
1. Open the email message from the sender you want added to your address book.
2. Click Add to contacts.
3. On the Add Contact popup, enter any additional information you need.
4. Click Save and you're done.

1. Click the Address Book.
2. Click Add Contact.
4. Save as a contact and you're done.

AOL Mail
1. Click Contacts in the right toolbar.
2. Click Add Contact.
3. Click Add Contact button in the popup and you're done.

1. Click Preferences from the menu.
2. Click Restrict Incoming Email.
3. Click Yes to Enable Email Controls.
4. Click Allow email from addresses you want whitelisted.
5. Enter any emails you want to whitelist.
6. Click Add.
7. Click Update and you're done.
1. Click the email address you want whitelisted in the header of the message you’re viewing.
2. Click Add and you're done.

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